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Agate Inspired Backgrounds

There's something about digging through a beach full of smooth rocks that is really calming for the mind. Every time we visit the North Shore I bring home pockets full of beautiful stones I spent time looking for and admiring their features, picking only the ones that really spoke to me. Now many people hunt for a specific type of stone found along the great Lake Superior shores, an agate. I have never been lucky to find one of these truly hidden gems but the hunt drives me back each time. I created a series of backgrounds inspired by the beloved agate and stones in general. I love the color combinations agates have and felt myself expanding out of my color palette comfort zone but was always pleasantly surprised... nature does know best.

The designer in me was inspired to try these swirly patterns out on brand concepts. Here's a few concepts I came up with!

Hope you enjoy and leave feeling inspired by nature as much as I do!

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