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Growing Edge Facilitation - Brand Identity

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to work with a wonderful coaching company who was in need of a new website and logo. They were so kind and a delight to work alongside.

The Ask:

Design a new logo, brand identity and website.

The Process:

I began with the logo, as that should always set the tone for the rest of the identity. I really enjoyed the idea of a 'growing edge' - I pushed myself to think past living things, asking what else has an endless or no edge. We worked through concepts such as ripples in water & sounds waves but ultimately the idea that best related to the company was centered around plants and specifically trees. After many tree drawings, we landed on the perfect one. It has growth, character and its own story to tell which is also describes working with Growing Edge.

Our color palette was inspired by nature as well as the actual interior space of Growing Edge - calming moss tone balanced by darker green tones.

Once the logo was finalized, I was ready to dive into designing their website. Most of the photos on the website were from my travels around the state, the balancing rocks which are often found along the North Shore were taken on a late summer trip to Grand Marais, the florals and lotus were taken on a very rainy day in the summer at the Como Conservatory, and other photos were taken around Minneapolis. Whenever possible, my goal is to use photographs I take myself to make sure the vision is being fully represented.

I am so excited about the end result of this brand identity update. Please visit their website: to not only see my design but to learn more about this wonderful company.

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