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Twin Cities Restaurant Coalition Logo Design

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Amidst a shutdown of all restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities, the owners and chefs came together to form a coalition. I was asked to create the logo for a very important initiative and group of people... the catch? Three days to do it. I knew I wanted this logo to have meaning and a purpose behind it. I took a day to just think about it (Tuesday), and by Wednesday my idea came to me. Now, this might sound strange but all day the word I kept hearing in my head over and over was 'mushroom'. So, I put some energy into researching mushrooms to find the core of this idea. I learned a great deal about these fungi but also learned how perfect it was for the coalition. Mushrooms represent growth (some grow after a fire), spontaneity, and a colony. They have many health benefits, and lastly, they are an ingredient. Working with all restauranteurs, I really wanted to use something organic and food based rather than an object. I went to work looking at mushroom types and began drawing. I presented my idea to two people on Thursday to make sure I wasn't crazy for using a mushroom as a logo, and presented the logo to a group of 20+ chefs and restaurant owners in the Twin Cities on Friday. It was a success (and a whirlwind) but I am very pleased with the outcome. If you're interested in learning more about the coalition, visit:

Below is the brand identity deck to view my visual thought process explaining the meaning behind the logo and the design.

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