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I Documented a Covid-19 Wedding

A wedding during a global pandemic while shelter-in-place was in effect was not the first thing that came to mind when my dear friend, Liz was planning her wedding. We had endless conversations leading up to her April wedding date about her dress, flowers, what shoes to wear, her invitations, you name it! Although, the day wasn't as envisioned, it was still a very beautiful celebration of her and Tristan's love for each other. Not only did I get to have a part in her wedding by designing her invites, I was lucky to be able to be there to document the day through photography. The happiness in these photos will brighten any day.

Her invite suite was a collaboration of the two of us. Liz is a talented artist herself and I thought it would be more meaningful if she drew the elements on the invitation and I would create the layout. Her vision was black paper with gold ink and the end result was so beautiful.

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Fuller!

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