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Indigo Brewing Co.

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

It was mid-summer when I found myself feeling nostalgic yet crafty. I had a yard full of wildflowers and some time on my hands when I reminisced on sun exposed photographs. After a quick google I learned this common childhood craft has a more professional name - Cyanotype. I had been inspired by shibori dying but didn't want to deal with the mess and found this to fulfill a similar aesthetic. I began small with little 4x6 pieces of paper and was excited with the results and feeling confident when I began searching for bigger when I found cyanotype fabric. This felt special and more tactile than the thin paper I began with.

I had 8 squares of fabric to press my wildflowers onto and expose to the sweet sunshine of summer. The exposure process was definitely an experiment each time. Too long, too dark, too short, not enough detail. I learned which leaves and flowers worked best to obtain optimal results and even went rogue and sliced some lemons super thin and gave those a try. Long story short, I was in love with these little sun stained squares.

So, I did next what I feel I do best... I turned them into a brand identity and with that Indigo Brewing Co. was born. Cheers!

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